Doncaster Sambo's FIRST Combat Camp!

Here at Doncaster Sambo we have arranged, coached at and run a whole bunch of Seminars, training days and camps but we have yet to run our own 3 Day Camp!

This is going to be a crazy 7 weeks of arrangements to be made but we will do it 😊

This camp will is truly dedicated to bring beginners into Sambo and taking people from an interest in the sport to a solid foundation and understanding of the rules and most important techniques to get you started as a Sambist. Interclub style exhibition matches are a big part of this process as they allow inexperienced competitors to compete under the ruleset in safe manor that is conducive to learning and development. 👍

This is a fast track of the process we would go through with any student on their goal to be a great competitor!

There's information available regarding the schedule for this event and other events we've run in the past available on our Facebook and Instagram pages, including a HUGE number of photographs and videos that really highlight the great time to be had being involved in Sambo seminars and training days. 😎

This blog will be updated more regularly to show what's up and coming at Doncaster Sambo and how we're progressing as a team! ❤

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