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Updated: Feb 22, 2019

23rd February 2019 Martin Clarke Memorial British Open Sambo Championships

5 Hours to Drive

On Friday 22nd February Brian Lister & Kevin Humphreys will set off 'daarn saarf' to Folkstone, Kent to compete in this years British Open Sambo Championships, Brian for the second time and Kevin for the first time. After last years Gold Medal win against previous medalist Peter Wise, Brian he is hoping to come back with some tin again having worked on improving his condition and fitness over the last twelve months. Perhaps the magic 'foot sweep' will do it trick again, here's hoping. Kevin, who has been with us since opening the new premises in July 2018, is a total newbie to martial arts competition, having only previously trained in gyms is putting his khurtka on to battle for the first time, and what a way to premier! It's great having him join Brian in representing Doncaster Sambo and wish him all the best for some tin too. This years British open looks like having the biggest attendance ever with over one hundred participants registered. It is also the memorial event for the late Martin Clarke founder of the British Sombo Federation (BSF)* and a great figure in the International Sambo world especially in the United Kingdom. The atmosphere will be fantastic with athletes aged from cadets in their teens to veterans of 55 years old plus. A great testament to the efforts put in by Sambists throughout the United Kingdom and especially the Clarke family.

We're not sure how the our dog will cope with the long drive, hopefully no sick this time! I'm sure she'll be backing us all the way.

Left to right, Brian Lister with last years opponent and friend Peter Wise and Kandi the dog

*British Sombo Federation Founder: Martin Clarke

Martin, who was chairman of the British Sombo Federation received a special medal at the World Sambo Championships in St Petersburg, Russia. The medal was to celebrate the 75th year of the birth of Sambo, the Russian Jacket Grappling Sport, only eight other people received this award throughout the World. This was a great honour for Martin, he received the award from FIAS President Vasily Shestakov in front of a packed worldwide audience.

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